Beer vs Wine – What Do People Drink in England

One of the most frequent questions that we get when it comes to drinks in the UK. What do people in England prefer beer or wine? There’s no such thing as a simple answer to this question. Beer and wine are completely different drinks that have almost nothing in common. However, some people still prefer one over the other, mostly it is a personal thing. Not everyone likes to drink beer and not everyone likes to drink wine that is just how different people are.

Special Occasions

When it comes to drinking wine, people usually drink it at a special occasion to celebrate something. It is much rarer to see a person drinking wine on a regular day. With beer, however, that is completely different because beer is a type of drink that is refreshing therefore there is no specific time when people are drinking it. It can be any time of the day, and you can buy yourself a beer just to freshen up a little bit. You cannot do that with wine because it is a stronger drink that has a higher alcohol volume. Knowing all this, you can easily guess which one people drink more often.

If you ever visit any larger city of England, you will see pubs full of people drinking beer. When you do visit England, we recommend trying out both the local beer and the local wine because they are very unique and you will not be able to experience that anywhere else. Some people that are not from the UK find the wine to be very tasty. The UK wines are something that you have to try out in order to get a feel what a real wine should taste like. If you have the opportunity to taste UK beer or wine, you should always go for it.