The basics about the catering business

The catering business is formed as a service that provides not only food and drink but also artistic preparation and decorating. If you want to avoid party problems and responsibilities, this is perfect service for you. You have a guarantee that all your guests will be best served and nobody will leave party hungry.
Whatever the ideas and thematics of your event are, a good start will be to understand types of catering you should consider and which one will present the best solution in your case.. Depending on the price, planning and other procedures you may precise your best choice. There are few general types defined in this business.

Wedding catering

Catering, in this case, has a great impact on this special day. As a very personal event, after all, formalities are done it is very important that guests remember this happening as a very enjoyable, relaxed and appetite satisfied day. From traditional way of service with canapés, formal course, sit down the dish and lighter buffet after, over casual drinks service for less formal weddings with some finger food buffets, to delicate cocktail parties with single bite canapés. One of the latest modern services is street food offer for casual style weddings. It is a great option for fun filling parties without too much wedding formalities serving food like pizza, pasta, tacos and similar.

Social catering

Covering a wide range of events, from big BBQs, birthdays, anniversaries to retirement events you have a choice of food only service or the one offering a complete package including themed bars, decorations, and entertainments. Bartenders, balloons, and appetizers are just a few of the details that will make your event special for everybody and not just you. Custom made cakes are usual option in this case.

Office catering

While not having enough time for other responsibilities about your event except business ones this service will make it easier for you to focus on your business task and make all other arrangements perfect. Having great food delivered and served, such as box lunches, buffets or continental breakfasts, it will save your money and time. No matter is it small office meeting, training or large business event. It has become a crucial service, especially in London for many great companies which work from early mornings till late nights.

Corporate catering

Providing service to impress future and current clients for some business it became a very important factor in the business world. Simple Christmas parties, picnics in summer or business cocktail parties are demanding more sophistication and detailed menu choices. All the details from gourmet baskets to simple cool bags are specifically prepared to make a wow factor.

Define your ideas

Most important is to define your wishes and ideas about the event. Details like knowing the guest count, deciding which delivery method is most suitable, enhancing method of the event and knowing your budget will automatically a narrow list of service choices and make your solution much easier. Remembering that this services became one form of art and considering professional caterers as an artist your event will end as an artistic act.