Your starters need to be unique to get the attention of your guests and to prepare them for the main meal. I would suggest that you put a lot of effort into making these starters looking very nice because that can have a huge impact on some of your guests. If they are satisfied with the meals, then they will definitely come back again or they will bring their friends and family to show them.

  • Fan of Melon

(with seasonal soft fruits & a mint infused syrup)

  • Salmon Pate

(flavoured with lemon, dill & French mustard, served with toasted brioche & herb vinaigrette)

  • Fan of Avocado

(with a julienne of marinated peppers, lemon zest dressing & toasted pine nuts)

  • Country Farmhouse Pate

(flavoured with herbs & simply served with crispy lettuce, tomato chutney & melba toast)

  • Wild Mushroom Risotto

(finished with pesto & parmesan shaving)

  • Courgette, Tomato & Aubergine Mousse

(infused with garlic & chives, served hot with a herb beurre blanc)

  • Deep Fried Brie

(coated in herb crumb accompanied with a crisp salad & sweet cranberry compote)

  • Trio of Melon

(drizzled with olive oil, cracked black pepper & a slice of parma ham)

  • ‘Hot Smoked’ Salmon

(on a bed of spring onion & frizzy salad with a rich dill sauce)

  • Terrine of Smoked Bacon & Chicken

(with a chive & spring onion dressing)

  • Prawn Salad

(on a bed of crispy lettuce with a tomato & chilli mayonnaise)

  • Gravadlax of Salmon

(home cured with white wine, wholegrain mustard & fresh dill, served with citrus fruits, crème fraiche & saffron vinaigrette)

  • Chicken & Tarragon Roulade

(with a chicory salad & a blue cheese dressing)

  • Baked French Goats Cheese

(set on a slice of caramelised apple with crispy pancetta & a mustard vinaigrette)

  • Smoked Salmon Salad

(with a chilli salsa & crème fraiche)

  • Mozzarella, Parma Ham & Fresh Fig Salad

(soaked in a sweet & sharp honey & lemon dressing & basil pesto)

  • Smoked Salmon Mousse

(with a brunoise of vegetables & a keta vinaigrette)

  • Salad of Asparagus

(wrapped in filo pastry, baked & served with béarnaise sauce)

  • Trio of Smoked Fish

(with a celeriac & tomato salad)