When it comes to serving desserts, you have to be prepared at all times to have a menu that will leave your guests speechless. Also adding a new dessert to your menu is always a great thing because as I have seen from personal experience people love to try out new things that they have never encountered before.

  • Giant Profiteroles

(bursting with grand Marnier cream & smothered in chocolate sauce)

  • Marshmallow Meringue Nest

(filled with Chantilly cream, fresh fruits & raspberry coulis)

  • Double Chocolate Cheesecake

(white & dark chocolate layered cheesecake set on an almond biscuit base simply served with whipped cream)

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

(served hot & coated in a nutty butterscotch sauce)

  • French Apple Flan

(served hot & accompanied by an irresistible sweet cream cheese & hot fudge sauce)

  • Poached Pear

(in a red wine & cinnamon syrup finished with a rich chocolate sauce)

  • Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

(with a Seville orange & white chocolate sauce)

  • Pear & Chocolate Crumble

(served traditionally hot with sauce Anglaise)

  • Citrus Tart

(bursting with the tang of lemon & lime, garnished with fresh raspberries & crème fraiche)

  • Baileys Crème Brulee

(with a salad of fresh strawberries & mint)

  • Chocolate Marquise

(quenelled into a brandy snap basket & served with a kirsch compote)

  • Cold Lemon Soufflé

(with toasted almonds & an orange scented cream)

  • Strawberry Shortbread

(fresh strawberries layered with shortbread biscuits & served with fruit coulis & thickened sweet cream)

  • Bread & Butter Pudding

(laced with amaretto & glazed with demerara sugar)

  • Blackcurrant Mousse

(set inside a plain chocolate cup with fresh berries & whipped dairy cream)

  • Tiramisu

(served in a chocolate charlotte with a rich coffee mousseline sauce)

  • Milk Chocolate Mousse

(set individually & covered in black cherry compote & ginger cream sauce)

  • Fresh Fruit Salad

(with Chantilly cream)

  • Banoffee Pie

(in a sweet tartlet base, then served with a cream sauce)

  • Cheese Selection

(3 British cheeses served with biscuits, celery sticks & seedless grapes)