Alternative Ideas for the Evening Service

These ideas for evening service are made while I was working as a professional caterer. All of these dishes will stun the people you are serving for. These dishes are quite unique and most likely your guests have never tasted anything like this before in their lives. With this type of quality dishes, satisfaction is almost guaranteed, but you always have to be prepared to take critique and move forward. Take those critiques and learn from them, later on, your evening service will be the best and everyone will love it. If you like, you can add some of your specialties in this evening service.

Carvery Wheel

(We can set up a carvery service in the main marquee/venue for the evening service. Chefs can carve from the roasted meats of which you can choose 2 from the following: – Topside of Beef, Rib of Beef, Leg of Lamb, Loin of Pork and Breast of Turkey. We can bake Demi-baguettes or Ciabatta on site and fill these to suit your guests’ requirements. We can offer a wide selection of accompaniments & sauces with this, or keep it very simple)

Mexican Wraps

(Flour Tortilla wraps with a multitude of hot & cold fillings to choose from. Can be made in advance or why not have the chefs out at the buffet tables making them for your guests? Again, as simple or as complex as you wish, with a wide choice of salads also available)

Barbecue Service

(A lovely option for the summer evenings Our clients have had in the past selections ranging from simple selections of Burgers, Butcher’s Sausages, Smoked Bacon Rashers & Freshly baked Baguettes through to large selections of fresh fish, choice cuts of steaks & marinated meats with a wide range of salads & potato dishes)

Spit Roasts

(whole succulent Sussex pig, basted with lashings of cider, sage & garlic, slow roasted to perfect5ion served either simply with baps, or as part of a larger service including starter and/or desserts. Alternatively, we can roast whole lambs with rosemary, juniper & garlic)

Cheese Board

(a lovely choice to finish off the evening. We are able to source a wide variety of English, Irish and Continental Cheeses. We can serve the cheeses either with a selection of rustic style bread, or crackers. We will also supply seedless grapes, celery, red apples, butter, pickles & sauces. You can also have a choice of terrines & pates made to complement these; again, you decide on the combinations)

Indian Style

(A selection of curries & other dishes served from the buffet in stainless steel chafing dishes. Choose one hot, one medium, one mild dish to satisfy the most discerning guest. These can be served with a choice of rice’s, puppadoms, naan breads, chutneys dips)

Fruits de Mer

(A Classic The finest fresh seafood, Mussels, Scallops, Crabs, Oysters, Crevettes, Langoustine & Lobster (all subject to availability) can be garnished with, for example, Samphire, Lemons & Lime. ice sculptures are also available upon request)

Bacon/Sausage Baguettes

(thick sliced smoked back bacon or butcher’s sausages, griddled & stuffed in a freshly baked baguette. This is ideal for a late-night service)